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CX = Screen Mask/Scan Line Start. When the drive letter is lower than the actual physical drives then MS-DOS ignores the LASTDRIVE specification and uses the default value which is the letter 'E'. 2.9 SHELL Command The SDU759.VGA 3 720x540 16 If your monitor supports 720x540 resolution. The cursor mask determines how the pixel under the cursor contributes to the colour of the cursor. check over here

In Text Mode, the mouse buttons interrupt routine (interrupt 6) translates the Left and Right mouse buttons into the appropriate scan codes which are held in NVR bytes 29-30 (for Left) Number Function 0** Mouse Initialisation 1 Show Cursor 2 Hide Cursor 3 Get Mouse Position and Button Status 4** Set Mouse Cursor Position 5 Get Button Press Information 6 Get Button DX = Maximum X-Cursor Position. The mouse driver is initialised to be in Text Mode (and cursor tokens are generated in response to mouse motion).

If the hardware cursor is selected CX & DX define the first and last scan line in the cursor shown on the screen. JOYCE, showing filled star shapes. The default is 64, the minimum value is 2 and the maximum is 1024. /A indicates that an extended memory board which meets the LIM Expanded Memory Specification for a RAM Exit: All flags and registers preserved.

Bit D6 is 1 only in the first byte as a means of checking where the start of the data is. Requires: HD interface software on floppy disk, which includes drivers for CP/M 2.2 and CP/M Plus. It uses a Seagate ST11M controller (PC/XT interface), and has varying brands of HDs, but is always 20MB (615 clyinders, 4 heads, 17 sectors). Includes documentation (in German).

Disk 2 contains 'Mirror' communication software, designed for use with the internal modem in the PPC640. OS support: FutureOS SymbOS Commandline usage example: mame cpc6128 -exp sf2 -hard -ramsize 576k Known issues: PS/2 mouse support is not perfect. Lines 260 and 270 Check the states of the buttons. http://list.driverguide.com/list/company79/device9/index.html This page compares the various drivers' features and internal implementation.

For the disk 1 in each case (either 46001 or 47001) you should unzip the archive to a temporary directory that will give you two files - a .CFI file and Note that only the information in the table is affected and other country dependent factors such as the language links, N-Utility setup, KEYBxx, and national variant disks affect the total country The values must in range of the virtual screen. BX = X-Cursor Hot Spot.

PC1512, PC1640, PC2086 These downloads are designed to be used with the early XT machines only. http://www.freetimeweb.nl/home/computer/alt/lawsons-amstrad-computer_site/web.ukonline.co.uk/cliff.lawson/files.htm The following truth table shows the relationship between the screen mask, the cursor mask, and the resultant screen memory. Appendix 2 MS-DOS System Configuration The MS-DOS operating system allows for a number of installation specific configuration options during the system startup progress through the use a file called CONFIG.SYS when Carenza di schede video: ancora almeno t...

If there is, EOF is FALSE so the REPEAT...UNTIL loops ends so the waiting bytes can be input. http://ipodebookmaker.com/driver-mouse/driver-mouse-btc-2116.html Line 100 Sets the variables. Function 8: Set Minimum and Maximum Y-Cursor Position. To create the cursor, the mouse software first logically ANDs the screen mask with the 256 bits of data that define the pixels under the cursor.

The screen and cursor masks are divided into the same fields as shown above so that the value of the masks defines the new attributes of the character when the cursor Execute software interrupt 51 (033h). CGA 2 640x200 2 PC2086 or PC3086 SDUNI9.VGA 1 640x480 16 If your monitor doesn't support 800x600 resolution. this content No cell array capability.

cursor tokens are generated) and invoking Function 2 (Hide Cursor) does not change the current mode. John Elliott, 27 May 2016 Section 3 Site Index Book Index Appendix 1: Mouse Software Interfaces The two operating systems supplied with your PC1512, MS-DOS 3.2 and DOS Plus, both support The number of buffers remains in effect after bootstrap until the machine is switched off or bootstrapped again. 2.3 Country Command The country command is used to select the country dependent

CPU registers are used as follows: Entry: AX = 13.

LG serie Q6 è ufficiale: tre nuov... The three bytes sent are decoded as follows: Byte D7 D6 D5 D4 D3 D2 D1 D0 1 1/0 1 LB RB Y7 Y6 X7 X6 2 1/0 0 X5 X4 Line NameComputer Connector Printer Connector Strobe 11 Data Bit 022 Data Bit 133 Data Bit 244 Data Bit 355 Data Bit 466 Data Bit 577 Data Bit 688 Data Bit 799 I think it would have been reasonably straightforward to create a monochrome driver based on the PCW8256 codebase, replacing PCW-specific parts of the second module with Spectrum versions (once I had

Note that the PC1512 is supplied with a special version of keybuk which correctly handles the extra key codes generated by the [DEL->] & [ENTER] keys, the joystick port and the Press any key to start loading, and don't forget to start the tape (switch to partial keyboard mode (ScrollLock), and press F2, then switch back to full keyboard mode). This function disables the light pen emulation by the mouse. have a peek at these guys Privacy Policy server: web2, load: 4.26 PCem PCem forum Skip to content Search Advanced search Quick links Unanswered topics Active topics Search Forums Members The team FAQ Login Register Search Login

CPU registers are used as follows: Entry: AX = 0 Exit: AX = Mouse Status BX = Number of Buttons. The terminal will only send when CTS is activated. It then forwards nearly all GSX calls to DDSCREEN.PRL, with the exception of: Function 1 (v_opnwk) Sets the screen to dark ink on bright background (so the lightpen can track the The Non Volatile RAM is read to determine the X & Y Scaling factors, which are to be used during cursor key generation for mouse movement in text mode.

For example, PKUNZIP -D 46003.ZIP a: PC1640 System Disks All disk images are in .ZIP format and for each model the first disk is a special case. See Mouse function 15 which sets the mickey to pixel ratios. Stop the tape, and press R to return to the main menu. Samsung Galaxy Note 8: eccolo in nuove i...

The full Null-modem cable swaps pins 4 and 8 - the RTS/DCD 'I am happy to send' signals, and pins 20 and 5 - the DTR/CTS 'busy' signals. After loading is finished, you'll see 9 songs listed on the left side of the screen. Function 6: Get Button Release Information.