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Driver Modem Gateway Broadcom Bcm4212kql

Digicom Systems . LNQUSA-27421-M5-E MP560LH internal, Lucent 1646 (LT Winmodem) chipset, Mini PCI Type IIIB PCI Matthew G. Toshiba Satellite 2590XDVD notebook modem, Lucent chipset PCI Noëlle Bendersky CJ6JPN-34292-M5-E Model SMMDMUS1 for Toshiba PC notebook (Toshiba Satellite Pro 4260), Lucent LT WinModem (PCI\VEN_11C1&DEV_0441&SUBSYS_00011179&REV_01) PCI Andika Trd CJ6JPN-34962-M5-E Model KWMDMWW2, U.S. http://ipodebookmaker.com/driver-modem/driver-modem-gateway-2000-solo.html

It is probably one of fastest 56k modems I have used. U.S. Also see: Dell documentation - Linux, Windows2000 & NT Dell has released Linux drivers for the modem: Dell's Linux source package Dell's Redhat 7.2 kernel module Dell's Redhat 7.3 kernel module Download driver modem gateway broadcom bcm4212kql File: Driver modem gateway broadcom bcm4212kql Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 File size: 38.38 MB Downloads: 1,393 Last updated: 27.04.2013 | Updated Publisher: Rodney1979 Category: Modem dig this

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PCI56AVP Model A, Ambient MD5628D-L-B (HaM) chipset (PCI\VEN_1813&DEV_4000&SUBSYS_00028086&REV_02) PCI Petr Slansky ? Robotics . 4X2USA-32034-M5-E Model 0726, V.90 56K Internal Faxmodem PCI Model 3CP2977-OEM-50 [OEM "Condor"] (PCI\VEN_12B9&DEV_1008&SUBSYS_00A212B9&REV_01) PCI Jose Santiago 4X2USA-32034-M5-ECJEMUL-35728-M5-E Model 0727, V.90 56K Internal Voice Faxmodem PCI Model 3CP2976-OEM-50 [OEM "Hawk"] Pro-Nets Technology . 5PHTAI-33572-M5-E Pro-Nets/Blue Moon HPI56M, Motorola chipset PCI ? great beginning!

Modular Technology (UK) . (BABT ID: 608463) SuperHighway 56PCI Internal modem Model 560HCF, Rockwell RLVDL56DPF/SP R6785-61 (HCF) chipset (PCI\VEN_14F1&DEV_1035) PCI Dave Hill, jp-morris . . Digicom (IT) . ? All you need to do is follow these simple instructions: Log in to old members area Backup all your files via FTP Backup your databases via phpMyAdmin Backup email by pushing Cruz, Ivo Johnny Pineda, Bill Huston, Jim Kelly 5QVSNG-25567-M5-E CommWave 56K PCI LT Win Modem, Model 56LU-SPCI PCI 5QVSNG-25892-M5-E CommWave 56K PCI Rockwell Modem PCI 5QVSNG-32688-M5-E Commwave/Multiwave CW56PCI-RW, CW56RW-PCI(USA) PCI 5RJ

Shark Multimedia . 5F5TAI-40032-M5-E5F5USA-40032-M5-E Shark Multimedia Leopard Win 56K-PCI, Motorola SM56 PCI chipset PCI 5F5TAI-34144-M5-E Model LPD MR USA, LPD MRB Int'l PCI 5GX . Model 18026-1, Lucent LT WinModem PCI ? Panacom . 5WJTAI-25897-M5-E Amquest AMQ400, Panacom PX400 56K PCI Quad Modem PCI 5WJTAI-34814-M5-E Panacom PX800, 8-modem card PCI 5WJTAI-33174-M5-E Panacom PM56HC PCI 5ZE . AOpen FM56-PV, Conexant CX06834-11 chipset PCI ?

This is an odd duck... http://rap-zips.jimdo.com/2016/01/18/bcm4212kql-driver/ Read migration tutorials in forum Looking for Web Hosting? BNXUSA-42035-M5-T Modem Blaster DI15630-5, DI5631, DI5633, Conexant SmartHCF chipset [PCI\VEN_14F1&DEV_1057&SUBSYS_1057148D] [PCI\VEN_14F1&DEV_1059&SUBSYS_1059148D_REV08]: V.92 PCI Terry Brown, Maxime Bouffard CJ6 .Toshiba . ? Model AMI-2012/AMI-1456L, Lucent chipset PCI 5RJTAI-33638-M5-E Model AMI-2013/FM56KPMT, Motorola SM56 chipset PCI 5RJTAI-33566-M5-E Model AMI-2014/FM56KPMT, PCTel 1789 chipset PCI Pekka Isto 5RJTAI-35622-M5-E Model AMI-2014F, PCTel 1789 chipset (FCC) PCI ?

Model MSP3885, Conexant 11252 (HSFi) chipset (PCI\VEN_14F1&DEV_2F00&SUBSYS_8D86122D) PCI 4J2SNG-25905-M5-E Model MSP5800-U(X), MF5800, 56K PCI Softmodem, PCTel PCT789/ASIC chipset (PCI\VEN_134D&DEV_7891&SUBSYS_0001122D&REV_01) PCI 4J2SNG-27211-M5-E Model AT3880-U DSP/MMX, AT3880MMX PCI 4J2SNG-27506-M5-E Model MSP5900-U(X), Best Data http://ipodebookmaker.com/driver-modem/driver-modem-agere-systems-pci-sv92pp-soft-modem.html EJM-28PSVDEJMUSA-22745-PT-E MDM28PSPKR, Sony VAIO PCV-90 notebook modem, Intel DSVD chipset PCI Anthony Giorgio EJMUSA-35351-M5-E Rocky Point Modem Model AO7611 PCI EJMUSA-43520-MM-E PRO-100SP Mobile Combo Adaptor PCI EUD . Diamond Multimedia . 4V4USA-25573-PT-E Model 2500/2510/2520/2540, Supra PCI 56i/Sp/Voice, Lucent LT WinModem chipset (PCI\VEN_11C1&DEV_0441&SUBSYS_044111C1): SUP2500 PCI 4V4USA-27172-M5-E Model LT2500, Supra 56i PCI PCI 4V4USA-25708-M5-E Model 2380 (SUP2380) SupraExpress 56i PRO [P/N Privacy Policy

Oh no.

DK4F1156IVA2ADK4TAI-25249-M5-E GCT, Gateway Telepath/LT Win Modem, Maxtech XPV56P, Model (D)F-1156IV/A2(A), Genius GM56PCI-L, Lucent HV90P-T/1034AH-J chipset (PCI\VEN_11C1&DEV_0442) (PCI\VEN_11C1&DEV_044A) PCI Steve Sanfratello ? Askey Computer Corp. . No worries, we’ll help you with the migration process so that you could enjoy your website again! weblink P5JUSA-27504-M5-E Sevel A56SP-RS internal, Rockwell SoftK56 (HSF) chipset (PCI\VEN_141A&DEV_2013&SUBSYS_2013141A&REV_01) (PCI\VEN_141A&DEV_2015&SUBSYS_2015141A&REV_01) PCI Augusto ?

ACN Technologies . ? PCI ? Choose your design, then pick colors and fonts to make your website unique.

Robotics 56K Fax Host Int Model 3095, Conexant HSF (basic2/standard DAA) chipset USR3905:(PCI\VEN_14F1&DEV_2F10&SUBSYS_201316EC) d/f PCI Axel Bonacic M.

IBM . Robotics PCI 56K FAX Winmodem, AD1807JS chipset (PCI\VEN_12B9&DEV_1007&SUBSYS_00C212B9&REV_00) PCI ? Broadcom Login myBroadcom Account: Login Register Forgot Username/Password? Model 2840 SupraSST 56i PRO SP, Rockwell HSF chipset (PCI\VEN_14F1&DEV_2013&SUBSYS_0B181092&REV_01) PCI ?

NetComm (AU) . (AusTel: 018-05600618) InModem 56 Model IN5699 (OEM pack), Model IN5692, Lucent 1646T00/1034AH-J (Mars-2) chipset, Requires Lucent "Linmodem" driver PCI Warwick Rendell, Rick Harris . . All rights reserved. U.S. check over here FORUM56.com Modemsite's free public modem board: Q&A

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ASMAX multiSYS.modem, Topic TP560i/9922S14 chipset possibly the same as Well Communications FM-56PCI-TP PCI makula . . ACorp A-56PML, Lucent Mars2 chipset PCI 1YYTAI-27336-M5-E Well/Origo/Prestige FM-56PCI-SL, Smart Link HAMR5600 chipset PCI 1YYTAI-27337-M5-E Acorp M-56PMS, Encore ENF656-PCI-MO, Maxtech XPV(S)56P/MSW, Sertek DCS 56MP8-PCI-S11, Well/Origo/Prestige FM-56PCI-MT, Motorola soft modem chipset PCI Thakoor ? Megahertz . 4X2USA-33324-M5-E Megahertz PC383/3, 3CI1BM556, 3CN1BMX56 56K WinModem MiniPCI Card ? 4X2USA-32908-M5-E 3CCFEM656 10/100 LAN+56K (PCI\VEN_10b7&DEV_6561&SUBSYS_656B10B7&REV_02) PCMCIA 4X2USA-27196-M5-E 3CCFEM656B 10/100 LAN+56K (PCI\VEN_10b7&DEV_6563&SUBSYS_656B10B7&REV_02) Caution: this model number is recycled PCMCIA Matt

Upload Driver or firmware or documentation Membership Free Premium Plus Premium Pro Site Beginner's Guide F.A.Q. Model 262884A, U.S. it didn't see the driver for my modem ( know in this day of broadband) or my lexmark x73 mfp. If you still need your website follow instructions below.

Robotics 56K Fax PCI Model 3CP5612A (PCI\VEN_12B9&DEV_1008&SUBSYS_00D912B9&REV_01) PCI 4X2USA-32034-M5-E 3Com/U.S.