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Driver Lucent Hv90p-t

TurboComm Tech . Martiney, EF 6KK . LEMKOR-33523-M5-E GTM-56KSH1 PCI LEMKOR-33614-M5-E GTM-56KH3, Rockwell HSF chipset (PCI\RSSI8003) PCI Son, Yong Gu LEMKOR-33627-M5-E ITM-56KPCI PCI ? Robotics PCI 56K FAX Winmodem, AD1807JS chipset (PCI\VEN_12B9&DEV_1007&SUBSYS_00C212B9&REV_00) PCI ? have a peek here

Puretek Industrial . LNQUSA-33895-M5-E Model PCI56012-01CW/PM560LKC Call-Waiting modem, Lucent Venus chipset (PCI\VEN_11C1&DEV_0480&SUBSYS_05001668) PCI Marisa, Gus Palandri LNQUSA-33876-M5-E Actiontec, HPP CO/01-01 Model HP2000A PCI D/F modem/LAN card PCI LNQUSA-33953-M5-E Actiontec LF560LHC-06(U) module modem for notebook Panacom . 5WJTAI-25897-M5-E Amquest AMQ400, Panacom PX400 56K PCI Quad Modem PCI 5WJTAI-34814-M5-E Panacom PX800, 8-modem card PCI 5WJTAI-33174-M5-E Panacom PM56HC PCI 5ZE . Multiwave Innovations .

Golden Melody MM56PCI, Motorola SM56 PCI-1 chipset PCI 5OV . Billionton . 5HRUSA-27001-M5-E HSP Micromodem BM56-SD (PCTel 1789) PCI 6QXTAI-35281-M5-E Billionton MI56R3B-CBF/SBF/CNF/SNF internal Mini PCI 56K/14.4K d/f modem ? 6QXTAI-35659-M5-E Billionton/Cadmus Micro MI-LMRE3A Mini PCI 56K/14.4K + LAN modem card ? Digicom Systems .

HHRSNG-27020-M5-E Paradise/CW/Multiwave Innovation (CW)56RS-PCI ? Encore ENF656-PCI-LUPR, Lucent/Agere 1648C (Mars-3.2) chipset PCI ? Model AMI-2012/AMI-1456L, Lucent chipset PCI 5RJTAI-33638-M5-E Model AMI-2013/FM56KPMT, Motorola SM56 chipset PCI 5RJTAI-33566-M5-E Model AMI-2014/FM56KPMT, PCTel 1789 chipset PCI Pekka Isto 5RJTAI-35622-M5-E Model AMI-2014F, PCTel 1789 chipset (FCC) PCI ? SmartLink 56PCI-R, SmartLink 5634PRW Win Modem possibly the same as Amquest AM56HCFSP, Rockwell MonoPak HCF chipset (PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_1003&SUBSYS_1003127A&REV_01) (PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_1005&SUBSYS_1005127A&REV_01) (PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_1004&SUBSYS_1004127A&REV_01) PCI ?

Model FM-3611-1, Lucent 1646/1034 chipset PCI 5JBCHN-27157-M5-E Pine Model FM-3621-1/3/5 (with Speakerphone), ESS 2898/2819 chipset PCI 5JBCHN-27157-M5-E Idema FM-3621-2; Pine Model FM-3621-2/4 (without Speakerphone), ESS 2898/2818 chipset PCI 5JBCHN-27157-M5-E Pine Model Phoenix Research Group 56IVMCR, Motorola controllerless chipset PCI 6DGUSA-33729-M5-E Phoenix Research Group 56IVMSR, Motorola Soft Modem (HSP) chipset PCI 6DGUSA-25816-M5-EABZUSA-25799-M5-E Phoenix Research Group 56IXMR-PCI, Motorola SC143455RDK ? 6FW .Maxtech . 6FWTAI-33401-M5-E Datatronics Technology . Model 18023-2, Rockwell HSF chipset PCI ?

Robotics PCI 56K FAX Voice Winmodem for Dell (PCI\VEN_12B9&DEV_1006&SUBSYS_005D12B9&REV_00) PCI ? Lucent Technologies . Creatix HaM, Ambient HaM controllerless chipset (PCI\VEN_1813&DEV_4000&SUBSYS_00000000&REV_02) PCIChris . . SmartLink 56PCI-C V.90 Data/Fax/FDSP Modem, Cirrus Logic CLM chipset (PCI\VEN_1013&DEV_4000) PCI ?

Live MAX3600R PCI 6TOUSA-35491-MM-E Max I.C. http://www.modem-drivers.com/drivers/31/31257.htm Golden Melody GM56PCI, Lucent 1646 controllerless chipset PCI ? Pine Model FM-3711, Rockwell R6793-11 (HSF) chipset (PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_2015&SUBSYS_2015127A) PCI Ninad S. All rights reserved.

Multi-Tech Systems . navigate here U.S. Model 2851 SupraSST 56i PRO DF V.92, Conexant HSFi chipset (PCI\VEN_14F1&DEV_2F00&SUBSYS_8D8D13E0) PCI 4V4USA-25825-PT-E Model 2620 SupraSonic II PCI dual modem PCI 4V4USA-26263-M5-E SupraMax 56K PCI, Model 2260/2370, SM56IPC-XL1, Rockwell RLVDL56DPF/SP R6785-61 SNOOPY 56K PCI intern, Bestell-Nr. 1895-1, Lucent LT Winmodem chipset PCI . .

Or you can request the driver and we will find it for you. Model 5698-00, PCI Internet Discovery Modem, U.S. Schlaugat, Ron Z 4X2USA-35197-M5-ECJEMUL-35739-M5-E US Robotics 56K Performance Pro (V.92), Model 0778 (USR325610B), 56K/14.4K d/f modem (PCI\VEN_12B9&DEV_1008&SUBSYS_00D312B9&REV_01) PCI Stephen Kilburn 4X2USA-40193-MD-T Model 0778 "Lana", Model 3CP325610A, 3CP5610A, 56K Performance Pro Modem Check This Out it appears to be an early RH56D-PCI chipset and may not work with Linuxant drivers.

Model 56FW-92, Smart One 56K int. Robotics 56K Win INT "Avenger" Model 3598, AD1807JS chipset (PCI\VEN_12B9&DEV_1007&SUBSYS_00B212B9&REV_00) PCI CJEMUL-35731-M5-E Model 3CP5699A, U.S. EUDUSA-25432-M5-E WinStorm 56K, Model M(D)56HI, Rockwell RLVDL56DPF/SP R6785-61 (HCF) chipset (PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_1002&SUBSYS_000210C0&REV_01) (PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_1025&SUBSYS_000410C0&REV_01) PCI EUDUSA-33545-M5-E Model M56AI PCI F2M .

Formosa Industrial Computing . ?

Pine Technology PF-X02A, Conexant 11235 chipset PCI 5JC . BFJUSA-25621-M5-EG2MUSA-32838-M5-E Hayes 56K PCI dual-mode Model 4725US Part Number 08-03357; Digitan DS560-548, DS560-552, Lucent LT WinModem PCI Joel McCance BNX .Broadxent . Robotics PCI 56K FAX Winmodem, AD1807JS chipset (PCI\VEN_12B9&DEV_1007&SUBSYS_00C312B9&REV_00) PCI 4X2USA-34110-M5-E U.S. SM56 PCI PCI AK8 .

Model 2978-81 "Strangler" 56K PCI Winmodem D/F/V (PCI\VEN_12B9&DEV_1006&SUBSYS_009112B9&REV_00) PCI ? All rights reserved. Best Data Products . ? this contact form Acer Netxus . 5DOTAI-27042-M5-E Acer AMI-RA99P, Rockwell HCF chipset PCI 5DOTAI-27789-M5-E Acer AMP-LW08 mini-PCI interface modem card ? 5DOTAI-33008-M5-E Acer AMI-RJ10PXX, Acer 56VPCI, Rockwell RLVDL56DPF/SP R6785-61 (HCF) chipset PCI Barry Brickell

INF lucsnt 12-04-98 15:15 LTPORTS. Computer Peripherals Inc. . Smart Modular Technologies . 2D7USA-25335-M5-E HP Model 90073 for Pavilion PC, Lucent 1646T00 chipset PCI Stephen Davis 2D7USA-33303-M5-EDK4TAI-27049-M5-E Smart/OEM Modem & Audio Combo PCI, GVC D-1156IVT1/R5, HP Model 90079 for Pavilion Robotics . 4X2USA-32034-M5-E Model 0726, V.90 56K Internal Faxmodem PCI Model 3CP2977-OEM-50 [OEM "Condor"] (PCI\VEN_12B9&DEV_1008&SUBSYS_00A212B9&REV_01) PCI Jose Santiago 4X2USA-32034-M5-ECJEMUL-35728-M5-E Model 0727, V.90 56K Internal Voice Faxmodem PCI Model 3CP2976-OEM-50 [OEM "Hawk"]

it appears to be an early RH56D-PCI chipset and may not work with Linuxant drivers. Lucent hv90p-t driver 46345 02-07-01 18:20 LTMWME. Protac International . 6BNCHN-27092-M5-E Web Excel MD300[A..K], Rockwell RLVDL56DPF/SP R6785 chipset PCI Juergen Pierau 6BNCHN-33153-M5-E Web Excel MD320[A..J], Cirrus Logic MD5620(X2) chipset PCI 6BNCHN-34511-M5-E Web Excel MD322US (*), Ambient MD5628D/MD1724T chipset Model 56FW-PCI, Smart One 56K int.

A11HKG-25478-M5-E4O6HKG-33203-M5-E Hypermodem AM56HCFSP, Actionwell ActionMedia AC5604, Rockwell chipset PCI A11KOR-25692-M5-E Hypermodem AM56HCF PCI AK3 .Motorola . ? IBM . Eiger Labs . 6JHUSA-34022-M5-E Modem Master 8100SW (MM8100SW) PCI 6KG . Robotics 56K Fax Win Int.

Pine Technology . ? IMK/ICS Kommunikations Systeme (DE) . ? Required fields are marked * Name * Mail * Site Comment You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

Pine Model FM-3711-1 Ver 3.0, Conexant RS56/SP-PCI R6793-11 (HSF) chipset, Requires Conexant HSF "Linmodem" driver (PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_1225&SUBSYS_1225127A) PCI Magnus Mċrtensson 5JBCHN-35001-M5-E Idema FM-3623-1; Pine FM-3623, ESS 2838 chipset PCI 5JBHKG-40247-M5-E Pine Technology

RIGTAI-33503-M5-E OEM (Mx-)I101, Conexant (Rockwell) MonoPak HSF chipset PCI ? Modular Technology (UK) . (BABT ID: 608463) SuperHighway 56PCI Internal modem Model 560HCF, Rockwell RLVDL56DPF/SP R6785-61 (HCF) chipset (PCI\VEN_14F1&DEV_1035) PCI Dave Hill, jp-morris . . HHRSNG-27025-M5-E Paradise/CW/Multiwave Innovation (CW)56PT-PCI ? Gateway Solo 3100/3150, Lucent LT WinModem (PCI\VEN_11C1&DEV_044A&SUBSYS_04401668) PCI Stefan Müller-Stach LNQUSA-33290-M5-E LF560LHQ-03(I) Notebook Modem (Gateway Solo 9150), Lucent LT WinModem (PCI\VEN_11C1&DEV_0448&SUBSYS_04401668) PCI LNQUSA-33437-M5-E Actiontec Model PCI56012-01/PM560LKi; Gateway Telepath 6001022 "Deadwood"; GVC

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