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Page 2: Table Of Contents Table Of Contents 1. Irá pesquisar por tudo como placas de som, placas de vídeo, rato, impressoras, etc. Any photo in Gallery can be used as a guide. TECHNICAL BRIEF 3.9.

TECHNICAL BRIEF 3.5.4 PMIC Functional Block Diagram (U400 : PM6650-2M) • Out-of-band rejection or attenuation levels, usually specified to meet these conditions:Input power management - Valid external supply attachment and removal Got a question? Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Features(MSM6280) • Support for multimode operation - HSDPA, tri-band WCDMA (UMTS), quad GSM/GPRS/EDGE, GPS • Support for HSDPA downlink up to 7.2Mbps (initial commercial release will support 3.6Mbps •... http://www.lg.com/au/support/support-mobile/lg-U970

Page 67 3. Check IMEI and Bluetooth address - 148 -... Page 167 Sheets 1/17 Kyra. TROUBLE SHOOTING Check C412 of PMIC (U400) Check R214 of MSM (U200) - 82 -...

TECHNICAL BRIEF The MEGA Camera module is connected to LCD FPCB with 34pin Board to Board connector (AXK7L34227G). EXPLODED VIEW & REPLACEMENT PART LIST Location Level Descriptoin Part Number Spec Color Remark L113 RES,CHIP,MAKER ERHZ0000401 0 ohm,1/16W ,J ,1005 ,R/TP L114 INDUCTOR,CHIP ELCH0004720 1.2 nH,S ,1005 ,R/TP , L115 Page 126 5. Page 55 3.

Page 92: Checking Pam Block 4. DOWNLOAD Download images - DZ [2] ❏ Step 3. Page 54 3. http://www.nodevice.com/driver/U970/get41512.html Run the LGMDP-EURO application ❏ Step 2.

Skip to Contents For Consumer For Business LG SIGNATURE Skip to Next Menu LG SIGNATURE Brand Story Discover LG SIGNATURE Products OLED TVs Washing Machine Refrigerator Air Purifier LG SIGNATURE OLED TROUBLE SHOOTING Run a FTM program set RF mode to IMT set uplink freq. Page 102: Usb Troubleshooting 4. Page 143 5.

Maker Part No. http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/f453/lg-u970-usb-modem-drivers-888794/ YOU WILL NEED TO INSTAL Windows Vista FIRST OR USE AN EXISTING INSTALL. * All LG U970 Windows Vista device driver driver restore disk treiber * LG Sound Video and game TROUBLE SHOOTING R501/R502 C500/C501 - 116 -... Page 119 4.

or Check the Key FPCB... Check if state shows Enable for the port to be connected for downloading images. Do More. Multi-function Keypad Circuit SIDE_KEY DOWN HOT800 SW800 KEY_ROW(4) CAMERA KEY_ROW(3) FOCUS KEY_ROW(2) KEY_COL(3) KEY_COL(4) Figure.

The folder name indicates the path where the image files are located.) - 128 -... TROUBLE SHOOTING - 95 -... Start... VREG_BT_2.85V TP2.

Operation LG Friends, Smartphones, Tablets, Wearables 03/04/2017 Square Camera: Grid Shot_G6 Square Camera: Grid Shot Take four shots organized in a square. Power Block 3.9.1. TROUBLE SHOOTING 4.3 SIGNAL PATH_GSM RF ➞ Common Tx/Rx ➞ GSM900 Tx ➞ DCS/PCS Tx ➞ DCS Rx ➞ PCS Rx ➞ EGSM900 Rx ➞ Tx I/Q ➞ ➞ Rx I/Q

Insertion loss is important, but not as critical as losses before the LNA.

Calibration & RF Auto Test Program (Hot Kimchi) Hot_Kimchi Debug image ComLMPLib_11.dll Dll_EzLooksMQ_004.dll GuiTk115d.dll HK_25.exe ijl11.dll SBCmd.xml ShieldBox_DllD.dll Model U970 or KU970 LG_RfTest_E5515C_211.dll AutoSetup_001.xml QMSL_MSVC6R.dll Cal_Setup_Test.xml Ezlooks.xml LG_RfCal_Q3G6280V_020.dll Procedure_U970_004.xml script_auto_001.xml : We can help.Whether you need to register your product, communicate with an LG Customer Care agent, or obtain repair service. PCB LAYOUT U970/KU970 - 176 -... LG Electronics Inc.

Page 104 4. VREG_MSMP_2.7V TP3. Finding answers and information is easy with LG online service and support. USIM Interface SIM interface scheme is shown in Figure.

TROUBLE SHOOTING VREG_USIM_2.85V USIM_P_RST_N USIM_P_CLK USIM_P_DATA ➀ ➆ MEGA-SIM ➁ R411 CN400 VREG_USIM_2.85V USIM_P_RST_N USIM_P_DATA USIM_P_CLK 5000-8P-1.7E Rev.1.3 ➂ D404 PLR0504F Figure .USIM part schemetics - 105 -... EXPLODED VIEW & REPLACEMENT PART LIST Location Level Descriptoin Part Number Spec Color Remark MFBD00 FILTER,MIKE MFBD0020301 COMPLEX, (empty), , , , , Without Color MTAB00 TAPE,PROTECTION MTAB0137401 COMPLEX, (empty), , Page 139: Ku970 S/w Download ➢ LGMDP supports Windows 2000/XP where the LG (Ver 4.6 or later) USB modem driver is installed. • To install the LG USB modem driver, please Page 172 LCD_CS_N Sheets MODEL I2C_SCL LCD_ADS 01/26 I2C_SDA EBI2_WE_N Designer Kyra VGA_CAM_RESET /RD : H >> GND Rev.F 2007 VA711 VA708 Checked EVLC18S02015 AXK8L70125BG EVLC18S02015 DRAWING NAME Approved IN701 IN703

Download images : Support both methods • Original method • DZ method ❏ Step 4. INTRODUCTION ......5 4.10 Charger Troubleshooting .....99 4.11 USB Troubleshooting......103 1.1 Purpose........... 5 4.12 SIM Detect Troubleshooting ....106 1.2 Regulatory Information......5 4.13 Camera Troubleshooting ....108 4.14 Keypad Backlight Troubleshooting ..110 2. Page 47 3. Quando acabar de procurar, irá automaticamente atualizá-las para as versões compatíveis mais recentes.

Page 3 - 4 -... Page 196 MCBA0012301 PRESS, STS, , , , , Without Color MTAB00 TAPE,PROTECTION MTAB0156301 COMPLEX, (empty), , , , , Without Color MLAK00 LABEL,MODEL MLAK0006301 LG (30.5x21.5 4-1R) Pearl White SAFY00